Off to Colours

Sorry about the lack of recent posts (nothing since Monday) but I have been very busy with work and, quite frankly, have done nothing in the evenings except slump in front of the goggle-box!

Well that's not quite true. Given that this new version of the Vis Lardica website is now about a year old (assume the fanfares, wild claims of page views etc) I have been making a bit more of an effort to finish re-uploading the Vis Bellica and Vis Magica content from the old site. All the VB battle reports are now uploaded (see that section of the VB area) and I know what more I have to do.

Meanwhile, I'm off to Colours, back after its enforced absence last year. I'll be updating the Painting Challenge this weekend, so get your entries in, and have a host of content to put up when I can summon the energy to do so!

Meanwhile, here's a pick from the Society of Ancients Battle Day, 2004, where the VB team re-fought Gaugamela.

Greek Mercenary Hoplites from my collection advance towards the waiting Persian hordes.