TFL Painting Challenge: Post-Colours Update

A good selection of entries this week. Almost makes up for what was quite a weird Colours. Can't decide if it was good or bad.

The good was that there was plenty of room, a nice selection of traders, and a few demo games to observe.

The bad was mainly the extraordinary lack of atmosphere...and the fact that I could find nothing I wanted to buy. Oh, and the bar had problems with their taps, so it was literally half an hour to get a drink. 

Anyway, today's entries are:

  • Matt Slade with a cornucopia of 28mm goodness. Lovely work as always, and love the Flash Gordon figures.
  • Jason Ralls with a mostly 15mm submission, including that factory from Sarissa I keep promising myself I must get
  • Mr Naylor finishes his Russian infantry
  • Paul Baldwin is another cornucopia type: zombies, skeletons, animals, dungeon dressing etc
  • Mr Plowman has built a huge 15mm sci-fi fort
  • Mr Luther has made some more scenery
  • and Topi pops in a mix of 15mm and 20mm WW2 stuff

Pictures, pictures,'s got to be Matt's Hawkmen, Jason's factory, and Ralph's fort: