TFL Painting Challenge: Weekly Update

Things are starting to motor along nicely now, with twelve people (including me) now having sent in their first or even second and, in one case, third, entries for the year.

Today, in no particular order, we have:

  • Paul Blankenship with his first entry of the year, and it's a monster one comprising lots of tanks a a few bits of terrain
  • Carole also sends in her first entry: some nicely done 15mm sic-fi infantry
  • Sapper has painted some more Egyptians
  • New entrant Jon Davenport makes his first appearance: some Hessians in 28mm (don't worry about the cat hair on the table!)
  • Mr Naylor sends in his first three entries for the year: sic fi again, but different scales
  • Mark Luther adds to his already gigantic collection with some more 6mm tanks and 'planes...and, no, Mark, there is no such thing as "enough"!
  • Our own favourite Fat Wally adds some more Star Wars kit to his gallery
  • and, finally, Mr Helliwell pops in his second entry of the year: more Germans

Today's pictures are some of Mark's tanks, some of Mr Helliwell's Germans and Jon Davenport's Hessians:

Some of Mark Luther's Jagdpanzer IV 70s in action

Andrew Helliwell's command post/objective marker

New entrant Jon Davenport's Hessians in 28mm

As always, you can see everyone's full roster of submissions in their galleries, and the Scorecard will be updated tonight from my home PC.