TFL Painting Challenge: Sunday Update

Entries have been slowing down lately: but then there's lots of people still to make their first submission of the year.

Today, in no particular order, we have:

  • Mr Douglas with three separate entries in the same week, including some re-basing
  • Andrew Helliwell sends in another platoon of WW2 Germans
  • Matt Slade submits for the first time in 2016: slamming in sixty-five beautifully painted 28s
  • Carole completes her 15mm sci-fi infantry company with a platoon and some support weapons
  • Kev's entry is a toy re-painted for use with X-Wing:  looks fantastic
  • Jon Yuengling sends in his first submission of the year...very welcome, even if I had to guess what it was!
  • And finally Richard Naylor sends in some more terrain: rocks and a yards worth of graves.

Three pics today as I can't decide between them:

Some of Matt Slade's baddies from Crooked Dice

Carole's 15mm Support Platoon

Kev's Conversion for X-Wing