TFL Painting Challenge: Thursday Update

Unusual to have an update on a Thursday, I know, but plenty of entries have come in, and it's good not to be too predictable!

Today's entries, and there are some corkers, come from:

  • Jon Davenport with some AWI infantry painted whilst sheltering from the recent NY storms
  • Mr Plowman submits a downed walker (of the mech not white variety)
  • Oracle sends in some 28s and lots more 6mm figures
  • Chris Gilbride pops in his first entry for 2016 with some 20mm Germans
  • The Bowler Hat also makes a welcome reappearance: some very nice WOTR mounted knights and the start of his Romans
  • Doug Melville leaves Aeroneuf behind for the moment: sending in a trillion 15mm Franco-Scots from around 1421. Lovely stuff
  • And last, but never least, Kev treats us to another couple of his Star Wars models for X-Wing.

Todays pictures? Well I do like Oracle's 6mm stuff, so one of them; and then it has to be a couple of shots of Doug's Franco-Scots. Here they are:

Baccus SYW British in 6mm from Oracle

Scots Men At Ams from Doug Melville

French Men At Arms from Doug Melville

Highland Axemen, also from Doug Melville. See his gallery for the rest!