Google AdSense: Much Amusement!

So some of you may have noticed that I've added Google AdSense to a couple of pages of the Vis Lardica site. Not exactly ready to retire yet on the proceeds (so far I've made enough to buy about half a 15mm tank!) but it's certainly quite an amusing journey.

AdSense looks at a combination of the content on the page and the cookies associated with you, the visitor, before deciding what ads to serve. Usually that means there's advertising for retirement products (oh, we are just so old, us wargamers)  or online computer games: not a bad match.


Yesterday, however, you may have noticed that I posted about my latest painted unit: a UAR or Egyptian infantry platoon for the 6DW. 

What advertising do I see today?  

Yup:  "Date Arab Women" from!

Remind me never to post about Big CoC*


*Big Chain of Command