TFL Painting Challenge: A Windy Sunday Update

No walk down by the river for me today: far too cold, wet and windy. I shall just have to stay in and update the painting challenge, and then paint a few figures myself.

Today's entries, in no particular order are:

  • Carole with a couple of alien tanks
  • Fred Bloggs makes his first appearance of the year, complete with 28mm farm
  • As does Mr McCarthy: but with WW2 15s
  • Kev pops in another X-Wing pic: very bright, very shiny!
  • New entrant Garrett Gatzemeyer, the Double G, sends in his first ever submission: eight Anglo-Danish in 28mm
  • Mervyn continues his desert trip with some more British infantry and a couple of Mahdists
  • And, finally for today, Mr Helliwell has some nice Hetzers to add to his collection

Today's pics are from the Double G, his Anglo-Danish, and then Carole's Kra'vak alien tanks, as I'm in a Q13 mood at the moment...