TFL Christmas Special Now Available

First chance I've had to publicise the arrival of the TFL Xmas Special 2015, available as a pdf for just £5 from the TFL website by clicking here.

For those who aren't familiar with the format, the specials are a twice-yearly collection of Lard related articles and features that provide hours of good reading and gaming. Here's what's in this one:

  • Introduction:  A Festive greeting from Lard Island. 
  • Malaya 1942:  A Chain of Comand campaign set in the jungles of Malaya sees an Australian force attempt to delay the Japanese invaders. 
  • Chain of Command Abyssinia:  Supporting the vast collection of Army lists available via Lard Island News, Rolf and Jim provide some tactical notes for the Ethiopian Imperial Guard and the French Foreign Legion. 
  • Now That’s What I Call Magic!  Providing a system of plausible Dark Age magic for Dux Britanniarum and The Raiders. 
  • “The Reccies”: The Reconnaissance Corps has a brief existence between 1941 and 1946. Here we look at their structure, training and how to represent them in I Ain’t Been Shot Mum and Chain of Command. 
  • The Swan: A mini-campaign for use with I Ain’t Been Shot Mum and the Reconnaissance Corps set in late 1944 as the Allies drive North through France and Belgium.
  • The Devil’s Garden: A Western Desert scenario for Chain of Command using the Reconnaissance Corps lists.
  •  The Roundwood Report:  Sidney quizzes Rich about movement in wargaming and chats about the forthcoming Sharp Practice v2.
  •  Painting German Camouflage: Ben Fiene dips his brush into the complex world of German Camouflage patterns and provides some great easy to follow solutions.  
  • Chain of Command:  Undead ParanormalSid Bennet presents a thought provoking approach to Zombies and how to make your opponent’s hair stand on end when he thinks he’s playing WWII.
  • Division Azul: Alfredo Vitaller, Anibal Invictus and Julio Martinez of Club Dragon in Madrid present this guide to the Spanish Blue Division, lists of Chain of Command and a scenario
  • Mrs Slocombe Rides Again:  Fat Nick tells a Christmas Tale which should probably never be told.
  • Going with the Floe: Building Ice terrain for the North Pole. An idiot’s guide. Literally.