TFL Painting Challenge: Entries Flooding In!

Loads of entries again today: excellent work everybody!

In no particular order, we have:

  • Stumpy with a teeny bit of re-basing and a very nice Rourke's Drift lavatory
  • Chris Stoesen makes a welcome return with a building in 15mm
  • Ms Flint adds some bugs. I rather like them, and might get some myself
  • Mervyn goes up a couple of sizes with some Riders of Rohan
  • Mr Clarke, the man himself, pops in more than a handful of 28mm figures
  • Matt Slade makes his usual modest entry: 52 goblins and (in a Sheffield accent) a cave troll
  • Richard Naylor finishes his Egyptians and adds their mummy...I mean, adds a mummy
  • Mr Helliwell turns Russian, with a Soviet infantry platoon and supporting SU-122
  • And Mr Ralls proves he is still with us for this year's challenge with a mighty entry of various 28s

Today's pictures are one from Mr Clarke (I know which side my bread is buttered) and one from Mr Ralls:

He didn't say who they were, but here are some nice 28s from Mr Clarke

And here are Jason Ralls' Teutonic Knights. I do love a bit of Teutonic Knight!