Q13: New Releases from Khurasan Miniatures

A quick glance at the Quadrant 13 galleries and army lists on this site will show you that I am quite a Khurasan fanboy. Their 15mm sci-fi ranges are, I believe, some of the best available.

Khurasan are still not posting news of their new releases on TMP (a dispute about sock-puppetry, I believe) so you'll have to like their Facebook page to keep up with what they are doing...or read about it here, of course!

Their latest release is an expansion to their rather nice Soriog range. For those of you unfamiliar with the Soriog, they look like this:

Soriog infantry with energy rifles

Now added to the range are the Raug infantry, client soldiers to the Soriog in the same way that the various states in India provided troops to the British Empire throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Just to hammer home the point, the Raug infantry are even known as Ceepays!

Here they are:

Raug infantry with autoguns

Squad support weapons

Platoon command: Soriog magnate-officer, officer's veteran Soriog assistant, prostrate Raug Ceepay runner, and Raug Windhowler.

Now these are rather nice, and I like the way that the platoon command gives you a bit of character to work with.

I'll produce a Q13 army list for the Soriog/Raug in due course (I like to have the figures in my hand when I do so), and am even wondering how they would fit in with Critical Mass' Protolene Khanate range:

You can visit the 15mm sci-fi pages of Khurasan's website by clicking here.