TFL Painting Challenge: a Wednesday update

Entries for this year's challenge still steadily pouring in. Here's the latest batch:

  • Kev pops in a few more ECW markers for Baroque.
  • Mervyn adds to his SP Indian Mutiny collection (I liked the 'rocket man' joke)
  • Carole starts the OpFor for her Imagi-nations campaign
  • Mr Luther has completed some of his never-ending projects
  • Andrew Helliwell brings his monster re-basing session to an end
  • The Hodge-meister goes all undead on us
  • Steve Burt has built a building for his Egyptians to fight over
  • Fred Bloggs submits some Austrians and a fistful of orks
  • And finally Mr Naylor also sends in some Austrians: a gun and crew

Todays pics are below:

Undead chariots from Mr Hodge

Sepoys for SP Indian Mutiny from Mervyn

15mm Cavalry Markers from Kev