TFL Painting Challenge: Large Update

Sorry there was no post yesterday: I was in Evesham all day at the annual Market Larden wargaming day. I ran two great games of IABSM taken from the Bashnya or Bust scenario pack, but more on that later in the week.

Meanwhile, the rest of you were thundering in your entries to the painting challenge, so in no particular order we have:

  • Three entries from Matt Slade: AWI British, some markers, and some 28mm Panzer IVs: this is obviously an attempt to get me to withdraw my threat of docking him 1,000 points for claiming that Highlander 2 is a great film! Highlander, yes, but Highlander 2? I don't think so!
  • Steve Burt sends in some more Egyptians
  • Carole pops in some Imaginations cavalry and a few bits and bobs for her ACW collection
  • The Mad Padre has five lovely 28mm figures, including three not-Foyle's War characters
  • Kev, our favourite Fat Wally, posts some more ECW figures
  • Mr Plowman has a dozen Dark Ages foot that made an appearance in Evesham in the raffle
  • Mr Helliwell is still basing like mad (240 foot figures!)
  • As is the Oracle (I didn't forget the tree!)
  • and last but not least, Mr Naylor shows us some Austrians in 15mm

Today's pics are a mixed assortment:

Characters from the Mad Padre

Re-basing from Messrs Helliwell and Oracle

Carole's Imaginations Dragoons