TFL Painting Challenge: A Small Update

It's still pretty quiet out there on the painting challenge front, but I thought it was worth a catch-up on what I do have.

So, in no particular order, we have:

  • Mr Hodge with a range of fantasy figures and the odd Napoleonic
  • Carole with some more of her Imaginations Bordurians
  • Mr McCarthy sends in a large batch of 15mm WW2 figures
  • Kev submits considerably more than three musketeers
  • Keith Davies pops in some dark ages types in two different scales
  • and finally Mr Helliwell sends in some more War of the Roses 15s

Today's pictures are from Kev, his musketeers; Mr McCarthy's King Tiger; and Derek's French light infantry.

Hopefully the above will inspire the rest of you to pick up your brushes once again. The painting challenge is half way through the year and there are definite signs of slacking! Mind you, it's not as if we had anything else to think about...