Ironclad Miniatures: Ruined Factory #1

You may remember my posts about the Ironclad Miniatures 15mm windmill and eastern front church:  nice looking buildings, paint up well, not too pricey etc.

Well I was at a wargames show the other day and noticed the Ironclad stall, wandered over and ended up buying their collection of ruined factories. These come in two sizes: a small ruined factory and a large ruined factory. As they didn't have stock in, I paid and gave them my address.

I then promptly forgot all about having done the above, so had a very pleasant surprise a couple of days ago when a large box dropped through the door. In it were several pieces of terrain: five in fact. Oh goody, I thought: five ruined factory bases. What I had also forgotten was that the five bits also fit together to make...yes, you guessed it, one small ruined factory and one large ruined factory.

Fortunately I have realised this after having decided and started to paint them all the same way anyway, so now have well underway either five separate ruined factory bases, or the little 'n' large sets they are supposed to comprise.

Here's the first off the production line: a very nice ruined factory base aka the left hand segment of the large ruined factory set.

Cost for the whole set was £30, so this is £10 of stand alone factory. As you can see, very nice.

I'll post the other bits as I finish them, and talk about how they were painted.

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