IABSM: Germans in Poland Gallery

Now that I have finished the IABSMv3 1939 September War lists for the Germans and Poles, it's time to see what I have got in my collection...and therefore what I haven't got as well!

Easiest way to do that is to build galleries for each potential force: then I can clearly see where the gaps are, and how big my next shopping spree needs to be.

Well, the first of the Poles are still on the painting table (just need to finish the bases), so it's the Germans that will start things off.

Click here to see the first of the Germans in Poland 1939 galleries: that of the standard infantry company. Quite a bit of new photography to do this weekend, along with the shopping list!

Don't forget that you can download the IABSMv3 Polish and German lists from the Poland 1939 page under the IABSM tab at the top of the page. Feedback always appreciated.