TFL Painting Challenge: Ashley's Return

Hi All

Enough entries to justify another quick update, including another first-time-this-year returnee.

So, in no particular order, we have:

  • Ashley Pollard making a welcome return with a couple of 15mm buildings
  • Mr Helliwell sends in more ACW 15s
  • Richard Naylor has T-55s on offer: lot's of little T-55s
  • Steve Burt resurrects a 1/72 scale shop
  • Mr Hodge sends in some nice Napoleonics and a single wight
  • Mr Luther fills in one of his gaps with some shots of his weekend game
  • and last but by no mens least, Andy Duffell sends in some transport from across a couple of periods

Lots to choose from pics-wise today:

Ashley's buildings

Derek's rather nice band of guerillos

28mm jeep from Andy Duffell

Another great table-scape from Mark Luther

Scorecard will be updated tonight.