TFL Painting Challenge: Third Update of the Year

More entries coming in all the time. Today's updates are from:

  • Mr Naylor sends in his first update of the year, some 6mm Soviets from WW2
  • Matt Slade, of course, sends in a large amount of Napoleonic French. How does he get the time?
  • Egg has some more Cold War goodness on offer
  • Ms Flint pops in her first entry of the year: five boxes of 15mm plastic armour
  • Keith Davies is also back, and includes a few leftovers from last year as well
  • Chris Kay is new to the challenge, and has some lovely Napoleonic Brits for us to see
  • Ralph Plowman is back to sci-fi, with an exquisite battlesuit on show
  • Mervyn Douglas adds to his Dark Ages collection, and has a few Natal Native Contingent for us to see also
  • And last, but by no means least, Andrew Helliwell has some more Thirty Years War chaps for us to see

So we're off to a very good start already this year. Today's pics are below:

Mr Kay's first entry

Mervyn's NNC

Carole's PSC Shermans