TFL Painting Challenge 2017: First Update of the Year

And so it begins, with the first entries in already!

To start us off for the year, in no particular order, we have:

  • Ralph Plowman, with some very nice sci fi ship's crew
  • Mr Slade with an incredible 300 points-worth of figures already!
  • Sapper submits a sapper's cart
  • Steve Burt begins the year in Africa, Darkest Africa
  • Andrew Helliwell finishes his Tudors (for now) and starts on the Thirty Years War
  • and last, but definitely not least, the Mad Padre kicks off with some barbarian types

Today's pictures are from Steve, Sapper and the Mad Padre. 

Steve's Explorers

Sapper's Sappers

The Mad Padre's Wild Men of Dunland