TFL Painting Challenge: Big Saturday Update

A nice variety of beautifully painted figures feature in this week's update:

  • Carole has some Congo-style adventurers in 28mm
  • Steve Burt is also still on an African theme
  • A game of AK-47 has Mr. Hodge re-basing, and he's put together a couple of lovely terrain squares for WW2 Normandy
  • There are a couple of camels and their handlers from Matt Slade
  • Mervyn has been barnstorming in 28mm and painting Bavarians in 15mm
  • There's chicken coup and a few militia from Chris Stoesen
  • More 28mm Japanese from John Haines, with a few explorers and monsters in 15mm on top
  • Mr Luther has been painting hard for the 20mm Sharp Practice French and Indian Wars game he is running at the forthcoming Lardy Day GA:  11th November, 10am-7pm, free of charge, Giga-Bites, Marietta, GA
  • Andy Duffell has broken his drought
  • And last but by no means least, Mr Helliwell has been painting HYW and 7YW figures

As per usual, clicking on the name of the person above will take you direct to their gallery, which will, open in another tab.

Still plenty of time for the rest of you to get your entries in.

Today's pictures:

Derek's terrain tiles for 6mm Normandy

Some armed Liberated Ladies (including one who clearly went to the wrong sort of school) from Carole for the Congo

Some gentlemen to take them to the dance, from Mr Burt

More modern Africa:  Andy Duffell's light industrial building and occupant

A rather nice Sarissa farmhouse, and a pigpen from Warbases, both from Mervyn Douglas