IABSM AAR: Once More Unto The Breach

And here's an example of the first type of blog that I was talking about in yesterday's post: the moribund blog.

We all go through phases when we're more or less active online, but this blog hasn't been active since 2014, and the AAR I've lifted from it was written as a post in 2007.

Now without wanting to pick on this blogger specifically, you've got to ask the question of how long will it be before the blog and all its lovely content disappear forever: lost in time...like tears, in rain.

Fortunately, unlike poor Root-beer (as Max Headroom used to call him) Vis Lardica rides to the rescue, giving the AAR a new lease of life. Until, of course, VL disappears!

So, click on the pic to see how Randy Stoda got on in his first game of IABSM, all the way back in 2007...