TFL Painting Challenge: Pre-Warfare Update

Bit of a choice this morning between writing my shopping list for Warfare or updating the painting challenge...but duty won out, so here we go:

In no particular order, today's update includes:

  • Sapper with some more lovely 28mm figures: this time ECW cavalry
  • New entrant David Scott lands with a bang as he submits a whole company of 15mm British airborne troops together with a load of other Late War Brits as well. If his experience with painting British Paras was the same as mine, he can now be found in the corner of the room mumbling "Dennison smocks, Dennison smocks"!
  • There's some more Soviets from Andy Duffell and some much earlier Frenchies as well
  • Mr Helliwell also mixes his periods: some WW2 Germans and a few WoR command figures
  • Mervyn sends in the Maiden Guard for his ancient Indians, with the young ladies in question finished just in time to hit the tabletop tonight
  • A huge offering from Lloyd Bowler this week: the Hat finishes some more small ships, and then going mad on his Latins with three 28mm Roman units
  • Chris Stoesen equips some of his boats with crew
  • Mr Burt pops in some more Darkest Africa figures.
  • And last, but my no means least, Carole Flint joins Steve with some British infantry and French freebooters for the Congo.

As always, clicking on the name of the person, above, will take you to straight to their gallery (opens in  new window). Well worth a browse, as there are some lovely paint jobs to be seen.

And talking of lovely paint jobs, here are today's pictures:

Praetorians from the Hat

Sapper's ECW Cavalry

45mm Soviet AT Gun from Andy Duffell