TFL Painting Challenge: Enormous 31st December Update

And the last minute entries come pouring in, including a couple of "here's my entire output for the year in one go" submissions.

In no particular order, we have:

  • The name's Bond, Geoff Bond, with everything in one go, and a whole load of WW2 kit dating back to OML
  • A huge 'lots of terrain' entry from Koen, surely enough for him to win his littel side-contest with Thomas and Owen
  • Doug Melville sends in large amounts of all sorts of things
  • Regular Andy Helliwell has what must be his final entry of the year: more 15mm pike and shotte types
  • Another everything in one go entry, this time from Jim Catchpole: bronze, bugs and I can't find another "b" for his colonials
  • Andy Duffell sends in some more Soviets
  • And last but my no means least, four more post-apocalyptic cars from Mr Hodge

As always, clicking on the name of the person in the list, above, will cause their gallery to open in a new window.

There's still time to get those last minute entries in.

Here are today's pictures:

WW2 German Vehicles from Koen

More WW2 German Vehciles, this time from Doug Melville

ECW in 15mm from Andy Helliwell