TFL Painting Challenge: Week 9

Well the ninth update even if it isn't exactly week nine.

Another good-sized batch of entries so, in no particular order, we have:

  • Lardy stalwart Chris Stoesen rather unbelievably sends in his first entry ever for the challenge: some lovely eastern front terrain
  • Mr Naylor sends in some Germans to inhabit that terrain
  • Ever-present Matt Slade has been sowing the Hydra's teeth
  • Mr Luther is back to painting little 'planes, lots of little 'planes
  • Chris Kay has some vikings for us to admire
  • Carole might be playing some ASL, so has painted up some GZG sci-fi figures in preparation
  • Another newbie, Craig MacNeill, has some WW1 Canadians for us to see
  • And Mr Weathersby also enters for the first time: a couple of 1/1200 ships. That rigging must have taken ages...still only 12 points per ship though
  • Keith Davies prepares for Arnhem with a couple of German big cats
  • And last, but by no means least, here's John Haines with some more AWI militia

Today's pictures are:

Here's Chris Stoesen's terrain for the eastern front

One of Brian's lovely 1/1200 ships:  hand-rigged!

Chris Kay's vikings in 28mm

Carole's Space Marines in 15mm