List of 15mm Sci-Fi Manufacturers Updated

With some of my favourite 15mm sci-fi figure manufacturers suddenly disappearing from the scene, I thought it about time to properly update the list that's available in the Quadrant 13 section of the website, or by clicking here

Very interesting: about a quarter of the 50 or so listings needed updating. Is it me, or does that seem like quite a lot?

To help you decide, here's a listing of what's changed:

  • Astro Miniatures: deleted as the man behind it is taking a break
  • Cactus:  fairly new on the list, but the website has disappeared: deleted
  • Clockwork Miniatures:  still on the list, but only an information page on their website  now, as their 25mm range has shifted to Warlord Games as part of their Bolt Action weird WW2 variant. No sign at all of the 15mm range :(
  • Combat Wombat: has been only a FB page for ages. Now that says the range has been sold to Skullduggery Press...but nothing on the Skullduggery site. Left on in the hope that they return.
  • Critical Mass:  sold to Ral Partha Europe. The infantry has started appearing on the RPE shop, no sign of the vehicles yet. Left on, but links to the RPE page now.
  • Mad Robot:  deleted, as the Harook have disappeared from their website :(
  • Spriggan:  just before I deleted their entry, I happened to notice that the 15mm Spuggs were also now in the RPE store. Link changed.
  • New entry:  Sayiner Microtoys with a few 15mm vehicles
  • New entry:  Slap Miniatures with their Space Dorks and more

All the above just goes to reinforce my opinion that, whenever you see miniatures that you like, you should buy them immediately as, if you don't, they can disappear from the scene without warning.

That might be why my lead mountain is so high, and why my children look hungry all the time!