TFL Painting Challenge: Huge Update

Morning all. This is what happens when I leave the Challenge for more than a week:  huge numbers of entries!

That's all good though...the more the merrier...but it would be nice to see some of the less frequent contributors upping their, er, contributions. Come on everybody: it's September already. Time to get those points totals up to record levels. All you have to do is beat what you did last year by one point...

Anyway, onto today's entries. In no particular order we have:

  • Jon Yuengling with a mix of scales and periods
  • More sci-fi goodness from Carole Flint
  • Super-painter Matt Slade pops in two entries: some Crusader-period Arabs and, in contrast, some GW tanks
  • Fresh from a night out with Yours Truly, Mr Hodge sends in more of his micro armour for Normandy
  • Mervyn falls short of expectations. Well, his entry is a unit of dwarves...
  • A colossal entry from Mr Ralls: all WW2, all 28mm
  • Sapper has more Hittites and a handful of Romans
  • Chris Stoesen sends in more pirates than would fit on a dead man's chest
  • Stumpy bases some more Frenchies
  • And last, but by no means least, Mr Helliwell has been clearing his lead mountain of Germans and Romans

As usual, clicking on the name above will open their gallery in a new window. I'll update the Scorecard tonight.

Here are today's pictures:

28mm British Softskins from Jason Ralls. Loving the windows.

Going down:  15mm Polish tanks from Jon

Continuing the descent: micro armour SdKfz's from Derek Hodge

War wagons of a different sort: Hittite chariots and infantry from Sapper