TFL Painting Challenge 2018: Open For Business

As the title of this post suggests, the TooFatLardies Painting Challenge 2018 is now open for business!

Old lags who have entered before will know the drill, but those Lardies who want to enter for the first time are advised to read the Introduction & Details page in the TFL Painting Challenge 2018 folder.

But it's really very simple. You paint, base and otherwise get a unit ready for the tabletop. You send a piccy of said unit to me at with:

  • Details of what the unit is: name, category, number of figures (points total if you like)
  • If there's more than one unit in your submission, name of the photo that goes with the unit details is helpful
  • Any other, possibly quizzical comments you might want to make
  • Your name, especially if you use a nom de paint

Once I have your first submission, I'll open a gallery for you. Challenge ends 31/12/18.

Note that last year it got quite, er, challenging to keep on top of things, so although I currently have no intention of doing so, I reserve the right to cap the number of participants.

Finally, we have our first entry of the year already: Matt Slade has sent in a unit of Prussian Jaegers (and bloodhound) that allegedly "finishes off the infantry for my SP Prussians". Well I think we've all heard (or said ourselves!) that before...

Here they are: