TFL Painting Challenge: Big Sunday Update

I can't believe how quickly some people are racking up their scores!

I haven't had a moment to paint hardly anything so far this year, and yet there are already three people on around 500 points. Impressive stuff.

Here are today's entries:

  • Having vowed to leave the Mad Max madness behind, Derek Hodge sends in another set of post-apocalypse vehicles
  • Matt Slade adds some more plague-carriers to his Deathguard collection, along with a few Gripping beast champions to maintain his sanity
  • There's lots of tiny little tanks from Jon Yuengling: IDF in 3mm
  • The Hat is back! Lloyd Bowler with some longbowmen 
  • Also back for the first time this year is Treadhead, and he has lots of tiny little tanks as well: his all sci-fi
  • Late entrant last year, Steven Lampon, starts 2018 with a vengeance: some lovely Highlanders (are these finished? I don't think so!) and some figures for Beyond the Gates of Antares
  • John Haines sends in some more Napoleonics
  • And last, but by no means least, Andrew Helliwell adds even more figures to his medieval and ECW collections.

As always, clicking on the name above will take you straight to their gallery (opens in a new window) and, shock/horror, I've actually updated the Scorecard as well!

Today's pictures:

Militia Bowmen from The Hat

Militia Bowmen from The Hat

Skyraiders from Steven Lampon

Treadhead lives up to his name

Mr Slade and his Plagueburst Crawler