Blitzkrieg in the West: The BEF Now Available

I'm very happy to announce that Blitzkrieg in the West: The BEF, the second of the series of theatre handbooks covering the early war in the West is now available.  It covers the British Expeditionary Force from 1939 to the fall of France in 1940. Designed primarily for use with IABSM v3, the handbook will still prove useful to all players of WW2 company-sized wargames.

This incredibly detailed guide to British forces, written by me, is 75 pages in size and is packed with data, including the following British forces:

  • From the Infantry Division
    • The Infantry Company
    • The Infantry Battalion Carrier Platoon
  • From the Motor Infantry Division
    • The Motor Infantry Company
    • The Motor Infantry Scout Car Platoon
    • The Motor Infantry Motorcycle Company
  • From the Line of Communication Troops
    • The Line of Communication Infantry Company
    • The Pioneer Infantry Company
    • The Searchlight Infantry Troop
  • From the Reconnaissance Troops
    • The Divisional Cavalry Squadron
    • The Armoured Car Squadron
  • From the Detached Element of the BEF
    • An Infantry Company from Saar Force
  • From 1st Tank Brigade
    • A Tank Squadron from 4RTR
    • A Tank Squadron from 7RTR
    • Parkes Force
  • From 1st Armoured Division
    • A Paper-Strength Armoured Squadron from 1st Armoured Division
    • A Tank Squadron from the Queen's Bays
    • A Tank Squadron from 10th Royal Hussars
    • A Tank Squadron from 2RTR
    • A Tank Squadron from 5RTR
  • From Calais & Boulogne
    • A Best Guess Tank Squadron from 3RTR
    • A Motor Infantry Company at Calais
    • A QVR Motorcycle Company at Calais
    • The Guards at Boulogne
  • From the Beauman Division
    • An Infantry Company from A Brigade
    • An Infantry Company from B Brigade
    • An Infantry Company from C Brigade

With additional sections on the Second British Expeditionary Force, other British independent formations, fielding British forces, rating your forces and a comprehensive armoury. 

The handbook is available in PDF format only from the TooFatLardies website. Click here to go straight to that page.