TFL Painting Challenge: Big Friday Update

I've been so busy with the German Blitzkrieg handbook over the last week or so that I have been neglecting my Painting Challenge duties: so a big catch-up today.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Carole with some more barbarians
  • The Hat with some rather nice WW2 French in 20mm
  • John Haines tries his hand at 6mm, and has a few 28mm figures to leaven the mix
  • There's a mix of scales and periods from Treadhead: Napoleonics and WW2, 28mm and 6mm
  • Chris Stoesen seems to have emptied his cupboards and painted anything WW2 he can find: a mix of early war German figures and vehicles in 15mm
  • More basing from Stumpy: Napoleonic cavalry this time
  • Ralph Plowman has turned to the dark side with some figures for Mr C.
  • An SdKfz 251 and a FlaK 38 in 28mm from Travis
  • Steve Burt is on the Assyrians
  • And last, but by no means least, a mix of moderns and medievals from Andrew Helliwell

As always, clicking on the name of the person in the above list will take you straight to their gallery (opens in a new window), I'll update the Scorecard at the weekend, and here are today's pictures:

John Haines tries his hand at 6mm

More Nappies, but a bit bigger, from Stumpy

Steve Burt's Assyrians

French WW2 transport from the Hat