Colours 2018

I only had time for a quick visit to Colours this year: a couple of hours first thing on Saturday morning.

Travel to and from Newbury was enlivened by the traffic caused by the Newbury Show, but I still made the trip in under an hour. The work on the racecourse/flats on the racecourse must be just about finished by now, as getting to the carpark was much easier than last year: no problems in parking and only five minutes walk from the stand where the show was based.

I got there at about 9.45am for the ten o’clock start and joined the back of what looked like a sizeable queue, but once it started moving, just before ten, it moved very quickly, so no complaints there. The price was only £6 to get in, so very reasonable.

As I was in nice and early, I had time for a look around before the crowds. The show followed the usual format of, broadly speaking, trade stands on the ground floor; food/drink and more tradestands on the first floor; and then competition games, demonstration games and the bring and buy on the second floor.

There were three Lardy games that I could see. The first was a What a Tanker! game set in the Western Desert:

This looked very well attended for all the time I was there, so kudos to the chaps putting that on.

The second was a large General d’Armee Napoleonics game recreating Plancenoit. There’s a full report on the game available here.

Finally, there was a very nice looking Sharp Practice game set in 19th Century Japan (the Boshin War):

There were also two other non-Lardy games that caught my eye:

Lots of beautifully painted tanks

Cold War turned hot!

The trade stands were, as always at Colours, excellent. I wasn’t buying anything this year (too much to paint as it is) but would like to mention one trader who did get some of my money: ABCbrushes.

This was a small stand selling…brushes…but selling them at excellent prices. I picked up a mixed pack of ten brushes (all usefully labelled “medium dry brush”, “stippling brush” etc) for only £12.50. No idea of the quality, but as I go through brushes really quickly, this seemed like a very good buy. Their website is here.

So all in all an enjoyable visit. I could have done with an extra hour or so, but other appointments called. A good show that I look forward to again next year.