A To The Strongest Battle Day

Friend Bevan and I took full advantage of the recent bank holiday to play a few games using the To The Strongest (TTS) rules.

TTS is played on a grid, so no measuring, and activation is by playing card: you need a basic 2+ or 3+ to activate a unit dependent on the difficulty of what you want to do and then, if successful, have to get over the card drawn to activate that unit again. As I said, a fast-play set of rules that give fun battles!

First up were a couple of my 15mm armies: the Sasanid Persians (Bevan) versus the army of Pyrrhus (me).

This game involved an army composed almost all mounted troops (the Sasanids) versus an army of mainly hoplites and phalangites (the Pyrrhics). I was determined to keep my battle line together, use my lighter troops on the flanks, and advance space-invader-like across the table until I squished his troops against their edge.

Unfortunately, although I kept things together for the first two thirds of the game, one of my flanks crumbled, letting some of the enemy horse archers through to loot my camps (rookie mistake: I left them unguarded).

Worse, I then succumbed to temptation and let my heavy infantry loose against Bevan’s heavy horse. Although I achieved a bit of short-term success, kebab-ing some Clibanarii units, this split my line and enabled my opponent to start knocking off my units one by one until I ran out of victory coins.

In short, I came on in the old way and was beaten in the old way!

One-nil to Bevan!