TFL Painting Challenge: Half Year Update

Well we’re half way through the year now, and perhaps time to see how everyone is doing: the Scorecard is updated, but a few worthy mentions are due before we get onto today’s entries.

No-one has hit the 2,000 point mark yet, but we do have:

1,500 points: Lloyd “the hat” Bowler; Chris Cornwell and Matt Slade;

1,000 points: Carole Flint and Sapper

500 points: Richard Clarke; John de terre neuve; Mervyn Douglas; Andy Duffell; John Emmett; John Haines; Andrew Helliwell; Travis Hiett; Mark Luther; Joe McGinn; and Chris Stoesen

Well done to them, and well done to the rest of you too just for entering and getting some submissions in. Remember: it’s not a competition, it’s way to encourage us all to paint more and better.

Contributing to the point above, today’s entries are:

  • Andy Duffell with some WW2 figures and then some rudey-nudeys! Don’t worry, Andy, I’m sure, being Lardies, that we’ve seen it all before!

  • Some Baluchis from Steve Burt

  • Late Romans from Carole

  • Travis has some more winter-kit German WW2 Grenadiers

  • A first (and earlier than normal) entry for the year from Fred Bloggs: Epic!

  • Chris Stoesen sends in a mixture, including a very nice gaming mat for which he received lots of points

  • More Sugar from Mr Luther

  • Sapper has been watching Eurovision with Edward III

  • The Hat has a huge entry: almost 600 6mm figures and some rather nice 1/300 landing craft and loads

  • A variety of lovely WW2 figures from John Emmett

  • There are some nice Italian Wars troops from Mr Cornwell

  • And last, but by no means least, some Indian Mutiny Highlanders from Joe McGinn

As usual, clicking on the name of the person in the list above will take you straight to their gallery (opens in a new window).

Here are today’s pictures:

A Late Entry today: Belgians from John Emmett