Kudos to 4D Model Shop!

Regular visitors will know of my woes in trying to find some Citadel or GF9 Grass flock: a right pain in the posterior as I have models to base!

I suddenly thought of widening my search to the general modelling retail community and came across the 4D ModelShop.

Rather impressively, they have the url modelshop.co.uk, so must have got into this Internet thing pretty early on.

They have flock for sale: lots of flock, and some of it grass. They have lots of other things for sale as well, as you can see by their home page, promise that items ordered by 2pm will be posted that day:

Well I did, and I did, and they did, and, for once, the Royal mail did their bit, and lo and behold, the very next day I had a packet of Grass flock in my hands. I was happy as Larry!

So kudos to 4D Model Shop from a very satisfied customer!