TFL Painting Challenge: The Last Day - Update 02

Second batch of today's last-minute entries.

In addition to another huge batch from JdTN, we even have a new entrant: Andy Duffell and his Fantasy/CoC figures.

Don't read that last bit aloud! 

So, in this update we have:

  • Alexandros and three 28mm vehicles
  • Joakim and some Dust-ers
  • the aforementioned John de Terre Neuve with another bucketload: taking him up to an impressive 1,300 points or so
  • and the tardy Mr Duffell, with 800 points or so's worth of fantasy and Chain of Command figures.

For everyone else, there's still time to get your entries in!

This update's picture is from Alexandros, an internal shot of an SU-76M:

Oh...okay then...and here's shot from one of new-kid-on-the-block Mr Duffell's entries, a rather lovely StuG: