TFL Painting Challenge: The Last Day - Update 03

More achievements being submitted in a desperate attempt to beat the midnight GMT deadline!

What's good about this lot is that they represent people who have really pushed hard to get their entries in on time...and we even have yet another newcomer.

So, the list...

  • Mr Bloggs attempts to catch Thomas with a mixture of fantasy figures
  • But Thomas is having none of it with an equally mixed bag of figures seemingly taken from the very bottom of the lead mountain, but giving him a respectable score for the year of just over 300 points
  • Mr Plowman sends in his second entry of the day: I think the paint is still wet on these ones
  • Stumpy with more re-basing: this time over 250 Soviets (would drive me potty doing all that re-basing)
  • Leif with some big figs
  • Mr Bax just manages to get himself over the 1,000 point mark with some more of those lovely arctic figures and some CoC jump-off points
  • And, literally last but by no means least, Jim Murray pots some beautiful 1/144 aeroplanes and (a man after my own heart) some big 15mm tank units

And to show we have no bad feelings towards Mr Murray for spurning the painting competition until the very last minute, here are his BE-2s: