Q13: Gitungi Get Re-Inforced

Micropanzer's Gitungi are one of my favourite alien races for Q13. 

They have a very distinctive look to them; they include a good range of models; and some of those models are very definitely alien and/or demonstrative of an alien technology.

One thing they lack, however, are decent vehicles, so I have been forced to improvise from other ranges. My Gitungi already have Khurasan's superheavy tanks and a grav AA vehicle from GZG at their disposal; these are now joined by some suitably Gitungi-looking SP artillery and AA guns from Daemonscape.

Daemonscape, if you remember, are the company that produced that big spaceship I painted up last month. I was checking the url for that blog post when I noticed they had released some 15mm armoured vehicles. A quick visit to the relevant page on their site, and I knew I had to have the ones with the dustbins as guns, and the ones with the unfeasible array of AA guns, immediately.

Once ordered, the question became which of my sci-fi armies would they suit. The answer: the Gitungi.  

The models are nicely cast, and I like the way the same base chassis is used for different gun configurations: very panzer! One slight problem is that the AA guns are so ridiculously  big that they do make the turret tip forward slightly unless the vehicle is driving uphill. Ah well: a small price to pay!

Here they are:

"Get ready to fire the dustbins of death!"

The turret-tipping madness of the AA array