Pegasus Bridge

Some time ago, pre-Xmas I think, I was feeling quite rich, or maybe in need of a little retail therapy, and bought the 15mm Pegasus Bridge model in laser-cut wood from Warbases. I believe I opened the box at the time, but then put it to one side as my focus was on other things.

Well, a few weeks ago, I'd had enough of painting Egyptians and Israelis, and decided to bite the bullet and build the bridge.

This proved to be an enormously fun task, even if sometimes it was quite challenging. Like when I didn't read the instructions properly and glued the wrong bit in place - a vital bit obviously - that then broke when I tried to remove it (Warbases sent me another with my next order: very generous of them, and just another example of their always-excellent service).

I used superglue to put the bridge together (hence my problem with the mis-glued part!) although white glue is actually recommended. This is because I am impatient, and can't stand waiting once I've started building something.

What's even better, is that the bridge actually lifts up, and stays lifted once fully, er, erect:

The canal pieces are from Hornby: very expensive (ridiculously so) bits from their model railway terrain range.

Anyway, once the bridge was built, I sprayed it grey, and then dry-brushed in a lighter and a darker shade of grey. Looks okay, but I'm sure that there are better ways of painting it to make it look even better.

The barriers go up and down as well, despite my best efforts to either (a) accidentally glue them in place and (b) accidentally paint them in place.

The above pictures don't really give you a sense of scale, so here are a couple of pictures of my 15mm British Paras occupying the thing:

In all, a great piece of terrain, and one that I can't wait to make the centrepiece of a game. Well done Warbases, and well done me!

PS I have decided to count this as four 15mm houses and a little bit more for the purposes of the Painting Challenge, and have awarded myself 50 points for the bridge. Very fair, if I say so myself.