TFL Painting Challenge: Tuesday Update

Plenty more entries coming in over the last four days, easily enough for another update.

In no particular order, we have:

  • Fred Bloggs with some bison and some dwarves
  • Mr Bowler with some very nice looking 6mm camps
  • Carole sends in the first of her Imagi-nations troops
  • Mervyn is on the wagon...well, the ox-cart
  • Mr Helliwell makes a change from his Confederates
  • Ralph Plowman sends in some more cracking sci-fi material
  • and the Oracle sends in a colossal entry encompassing spaceships, 6mm troops, a gazillion re-based and painted 15mm troops, and even some 20mm troops

Today's pictures are from Mr Bowler, Mr Plowman and the Oracle:

6mm Celtic camp on DVD from Lloyd Bowler

15mm Armies Army APCs from Mr Plowman

20mm Britannia Gebirgsjaeger from the Oracle

And one more, as everyone loves a good elephant:

15mm Carthaginian elephants, also from the Oracle